Editing minguo poll options: community moderation?

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It just happened that a member wanted to edit a poll option he had just added to a poll (due to a spelling mistake). I informed him that only myself, as web site administrator, could do so. However, I do plan to eventually allow any regular member to edit poll options, as long as the proper moderation tools and community supervision tools are in place.

So, this is a planned feature, although I don't know when I'll have time to implement it.

You can use this thread to discuss how you envision the workflow for adding, moderating and editing minguo poll options.

- polls can be at 1 of 4 stages, only the first 2 stages allow members to add options to the poll.
- we do not see who added which options, nor when.
- when an option is added, it is added straight away, without going through administrator or community moderation.
- only the administrator (myself) can edit options.
- only the administrator can delete (hide) options.
- members can associate an option to a taxonomy term, to tag all related blog entries.
- only the administrator can edit/remove which taxonomy term an option is related to.

What I think would be nice:
- have new options go through a community-moderation phase, to check for spelling, relevance, phrasing, duplicates, etc.
- the option is officially added to the poll only when it has successfully passed the moderation phase.

Now, I am not yet too clear myself how the moderation phase itself would look like...

What do you think?