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pipsorcle suggested we add Pete Ashdown to our list of Knowledge Democrats. I have started a wiki page about him with the information that I have:

What else do you know?
What do you think?


Re: Pete Ashdown

Pete Ashdown is the CEO and founder of XMission, one of the first website providers in the United States. XMission also happens to be the largest web provider in the state of Utah.

Ashdown ran against U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch in Utah in 2006, lost, but ran again in the 2012 Democratic Primaries and got beaten by another Democrat Scott Howell because Ashdown's speech at the Utah Democratic Convention apparently turned off a number of people. However, Ashdown's speech was not all that bad. In fact, it was sincere.

Ashdown is one of those rare progressive Democrats in Utah who actually is a genuine voice in politics without having to pander or try to get people's attention. It's as if whenever we have politicians who are famous or well known, they always have to pander. Well, at least not if say they are Joe Biden or Ted Kennedy. Those guys are outspoken and can be genuine in what they say.

One of the greatest things about Ashdown is that he's a great voice the progressive community can use as far as how IT and technology can be used in the overall political discourage. Ashdown is also well versed in the Wiki community and platform.

Bottom line: Ashdown can bring a lot of sensibility in politics, even if he's not running for office.


I am impressed

I just watched the video you provided. I liked what he had to say. I am also impressed that his campaign web site was actually a wiki! He's my kind of guy! :)

I updated a bit our own wiki page on him, but there is still a lot of work to be done to properly present his main ideas and proposals.

pipsorcle, I very much like the candidates you came up with, so far! I'm happy to be working with you.

This is why we need to support candidates at all levels

So many people on Daily Kos and others focus on the races that can be won versus working on the continued process of beefing up the base, voter registration and other things in conservative districts across the U.S.

If people believe in their country, time to stop being passive and start supporting people and fight for them, even if you believe they can't win. I mean, we should look out for fellow Democrats.

Why not Pete Ashdown? He offers a number of ideas, is a very successful businessman and probably the best progressive spokesman for the Democrats in Utah.


We both like what Pete Ashdown has to say. I think one primary goal of our movement is to make it so that his voice carries further. Our movement should be the megaphone that such progressive, inspiring candidates desperately need.