Daesh (ISIS) fighters from France, USA, Canada, etc.


It should be noted and remembered that many of the Daesh members who fought in Mosul were not Iraqi people but foreigners attracted by Daesh propaganda. Many came from western countries including France but also, maybe to a lesser extent (?), from the USA and Canada. The fact that such a murderous group as Daesh was able to recruit in our respective countries say a lot about our flaws in our culture that were exploited by the terrorist group.

Corpses of Foreign ISIS Extremists Pile up in Mosul:

These extremists, including dozens of Frenchmen, have displayed the fiercest resistance in their defense of their stronghold in the second largest Iraqi city, reported AFP.

More than three quarters of the remaining terrorists in Mosul are foreigners, according to Iraqi commanders who have reported a spike in suicide attacks as anti-ISIS forces close in on the Old City.

“They never surrender,” said General Abdel Ghani al-Assadi, a commander in Iraq’s elite Counter-Terrorism Service.


According to Iraqi police and army commanders, most of the foreign ISIS extremists still in Mosul in recent months came from Russia, particularly Chechnya, and other former Soviet bloc countries, as well as various Arab states.

Then come Muslims from Asia — Afghans, Pakistanis, Uighurs from China — as well as Europeans from France, Germany, Belgium and Britain, along with Americans, the same sources said.

They are also believed to include a few dozen terrorists from other French-speaking countries.

“Most of them come from countries such as Algeria, Morocco or Tunisia,” said General Abbas al-Jabouri, a commander of the police Rapid Response force.


In May, the Wall Street Journal reported that France had asked Iraq to hunt down and eliminate 27 French extremists in Mosul to prevent them returning to Europe.

France, as well as the Iraqi commanders, denied the existence of such a list.

But Assadi said: “All ISIS terrorists who do not surrender must be killed, whatever their nationality.”

According to several Iraqi officers, Western intelligence services take DNA samples from the bodies of extremists.

Whatever is happening in Iraq and in the middle East, we can at least contribute to make our own countries better in ways that extremist propaganda does not take hold...