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It's still a bit early to actually need a conflict resolution procedure. This blog entry can be used by any member to start discussing this topic as soon as they feel there is a need for it.


No need for now

To be clear, I voted "no" on "We need a wiki edit conflict resolution procedure." because there no need for it just yet and there are many much more urgent things to work on first. However, I will change my vote as soon as a real need arises.

Community conflict resolution

One possibility, assuming implementation is practical, will encourage community participation while reducing noise and providing a basis for conflict resolution: Have participants rate each other's posts.

Displaying the average rating the community assigns to posts encourages posters to improve the quality of their posts and the average value assigned to a member's posts gives the community a guide to the quality of that member's contributions. Post rating will tend to improve the focus and quality of posts and will quickly identify posters who are disruptive or offensive.

Fred Gohlke

Post ratings

Yes, post ratings are definitely on the TODO list. However, in many web sites, ratings are used by members only to say: "Thank you" or "I agree with you". On most web sites, a high rating in not a guarantee that the post is insightful, well researched or contains important information.

I am considering having two parallel rating systems, to encourage readers to use ratings in the most appropriate way, maybe something like the Slashdot system, were posts are rated: 'insightful', 'funny', 'informative', etc.

Ratings for conflict resolutions? Well, for many months I have been developing in my head a system of trust: people who can be trusted to use tools appropriately will be given access to more advanced tools in the web site. Actually, I formulated the basic principles in my head a short time before discovering Stackoverflow: seeing that site was a confirmation that I was/am on the right track. But it will take some time to implement. Right now, I am focussing on improving the navigation of the web site so that the existing content is more easily found by interested parties.