broken finger

I think I broke my finger.
I can only type with one hand.
I'll do what I can but expect much reduced activity from my part until it's healed.



I'm sorry to hear about your broken finger. The physical pain is distressing and the inability to function normally must be even more so. I hope you recover quickly.


Thank you very much, Fred.
back from the hospital, ive a splint on middle finger of right hand.
I must wear the splint for 6 weeks.
this week im only allowed to type with left hand.

Time Heals All Wounds

As we used to say, years ago, "What a revoltin' development."

Hang loose, Augustin. This, too, shall pass.


Yes, you're right.
Another contretemps, the type every single one of us has known.
That's life.

I'll try to be somewhat more active here next week.


Le rire est effectivement le meilleur des remèdes.


How's your finger coming. My guess is that the pain is gone but the
inconvenience of the bandage is annoying. I hope you're back in
business soon. There are so many things we take for granted - like the
functioning of our fingers - until they are suddenly thrust to the
forefront of our lives. There must be a lesson in there, somewhere.

Oh yes, there are many lessons that are not lost on me.

The splint that I am still wearing is, in the grand scale of things, a minor, and temporary, inconvenience. 3 days after the first check up I think I broke my finger again: I didn't bend it but I applied too much pressure on it while lifting something heavy. :-/
I used to work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, so that I could work concurrently on several heavy projects. Since then, productivity has gone down the drain, for both physiological and psychological reasons. Anyway, I've learned to type with 7 fingers.
To the great amusement of my young students, my middle finger is constantly outstretched, so that they always have the impression that I am flipping them! :)

There is a better reason why I have not done all that I planned to do for this site this week: 10 days from now, I will vote in the first round of the presidential election, and I have spend a lot of time watching debates and getting informed on the candidates. See

Some of you are currently facing much greater challenges than I am, and my thoughts are with you, every day.


The splint came off this morning. I start physiotherapy sessions tomorrow. I am not yet allowed to use my finger to type. I physically cannot bend it anyway.

I'm looking forward to resume my regular working schedule... :)

Thank Goodness for Small Favors

I'm glad to hear the splint's off. I'm not sure if you ever had physical therapy before, so, just in case:

Some years ago, I broke my arm in several places. After the casts came off, I was scheduled for physical therapy. I didn't want to go. I thought it nonsense, a waste of time. I went, but did not participate fully. As a result, I regained use of my shoulder and elbow, but it took me several years to regain full use of my wrist.

You may find it painful (I did), but I urge you to do as much physical therapy as you can.


There's a first time for everything

Thanks for the advice. I'll heed it!

healing process

"1) physiotherapy, with exercises that I must do every hour and visits to the hospital several days a week."

Are you okay?

Yes, I am! :) It sounds worse than it really is. It's part of the healing process. I just wanted to emphasize the time-consuming nature of it. I naively thought that once the cast (or rather the splint) came off, I could resume my activities. But after 4 weeks of forced inactivity, the middle finger is stiff: I couldn't bend it. The finger is full of oedema and painful to the touch. I'm following Fred's good advice. So, 3 times a week I need to take half a day to go to the hospital to see my physiotherapist. At home and at work, I need to do exercises every single hour, throughout the day: massages to heal the oedema, bend each join separately to gain range of motion, etc. It is a painful process but I slowly gain a few angular degrees in my range of motion. I have resumed typing with ten fingers although my finger is still too stiff to reach the bottom row without moving my whole hand. I still exercise it this way.

It's no big deal, really. I hadn't expected this, but apparently it's a normal healing process. I'm still expected to do a full recovery soon. What does bother me, though, is the time consuming aspect of it, and the loss of productivity in the last 5 weeks. I haven't done any software development in over a month. I do only the minimum required for my day job and I try to spend some time with you here.


I'm glad to hear you are getting better. I would recommend continuing with the physiotherapy as well. :)