1000 ghostly figures march the streets of hamburg during the G20 summit

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on july 5th 2017, 1000 figures covered in clay appeared on the streets of hamburg, germany – silently protesting on the occasion of the current G20 summit. through a two-hour long performance organized by the local collective 1000 GESTALTEN, the group sent out a powerful message that urged germany and the world to fight for a better humanity and solidarity in these difficult times.


I have seen plenty of main stream media report on the violent protests in Hamburg, but this is the first I read about this... and I only found it because I clicked on a link in a tweet that Panoramics recently posted, which led me to the site where I found the above.
This performance art is both beautiful and meaningful, full of symbology.

The people who took part in that event are part of a large, world-wide movement of Cultural Creatives, which we can be proud to be part of.

the art performance by 1000 GESTALTEN unfolded itself as an overwhelming story of transformation and growth. indeed, the dusty clay shells evoke a society that has lost its sense of solidarity, ultimately contaminating itself with the taste of selfishness and nonacceptance. yet, at some point during the act, the group dramatically sheds its second skin — symbolizing a people that has freed itself from its rigid ideological structures. in other words, this represents a society that has overcome political turmoils and came together in demand of more tolerance, open-mindedness and constructive discourse.

I am sure you'll recognize many of the values we are trying to make shine through this web site...