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I would like to "feel" deeply what is the sens of borders. The territory (as animal), the feeling from out and in (as human body_spirit), the question about the house, the garden and the Other..This is for me a very interesting reflection to abord geopolitics (China, Russia, Usa, India, Europe,...) and the future of our humanity in regards of "identity"


My brief response to arkouzaki

I really appreciate that you seem to realize hidden in this seemingly unimportant topic is something ultimately very important about human existence and the existential future of life itself really. The Canadians in my opinion are at the same time, practically unable to effect the world beyond their borders, yet on this issue alone they hold one of the few existing keys to lasting world peace.

Like arkouzaki suggested in his comment, questions of borders are philosophically important especially taking into account the implied election reforms inherent in any unification here. Certainly lion prides have borders, as do colonies of bees. The border between human body and human spirit, our homes and nature, the 'good fence' separating our next door neighbor: they all relate to the essential philosophical questions of mankind. Was it not the European Enlightenment at its most basic when Rousseau declared very truthfully "Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains"?

Clearly this question of borders has always been central to philosophy of government from the earliest records. Plato wrote that Socrates said "I am not an Athenian or a Greek, but a citizen of the world." Also, the international nature of the democracy founded in 1776 was a central part of this revolution (at least to those founders with the true spirit of democracy in mind) including Thomas Paine, perhaps unparalleled in his ability to capture the spirit of democracy in writing: "the world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion." Paine supported freedom for African slaves and diplomacy with Native American tribes.

This is not about the barriers on the highway from Montreal to Buffalo. This is about the barriers on the highway from Montreal to Buenas Aires and the highway from London to Beijing or Johannesburg. It's about convincing Venezuelans, Ukrainians, Africans, and everyone else that there is a path to lasting peace and prosperity. Its about convincing Russia and China that open conflict with the unified democratic world (that includes today Europe, Japan, India, and Brazil) is something to avoid for the time being. Just to add more to the drama here, in my opinion of course, if the world can delay catastrophe with this very strategy for about 100 years, we should really have reached a point where actual settlement in space is underway. How's that for the future of life itself? Your thoughts Canada?

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