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I was wondering about the term cost - ….I'm a big fan regarding the Immaterial Treasures.
When I'm thinking about nuclear could I only think about cost, about give back. Yes of course to take money from the beginning and to make a collective bank for the irremediable. Part I - ok! our conscience clean - maybe…

And part II? How long can we forget this part - the Spirit this elegant and sensitive energy who says - I'm a man and not an animal - i have the power to think, to say I want sex now but no better to delay…for X reasons. This capacity to think, to feel, to understand just thanks a quicK look.

We are more and it would time to add this topic in the governmental obligations. From there all the ethical questions about "can I do something if I can't be responsible for the future regarding the consequences of what I'm creating right now with your votes?"

Yes we must create some capital thanks money without doubt and without exception put in front the lost in term of immaterial resources, losts completely include in our humanity.


Cost of nuclear disasters

Since you were replying to the option "Cost of nuclear disasters", could you explain a bit more how you link that topic with what I understand you say about spirituality and our immaterial capital / heritage?

Otherwise, yes, I agree with what you say.