Distinction Between Personal Spaces and Commons

I think a distinction needs to be drawn on this site between personal spaces and common spaces.

So, for example, on a common wiki page, people should stick to presenting the facts alone. Let's say there is a wiki page about the 2014 Israeli assault on Gaza. That page should include just the facts.

Fact: Israelis expressed jubilation as they witnessed bombs falling over Gaza.


Fallacies in the discourse and psychological issues as obstacles to teamwork and change

While people like Bryce do an amazing job, trying to get people from opposite sides of the political divide1 to talk to each other and listen to each other, I am personally dumbfounded and deeply saddened by the fact that people who share the same values appear to be unable to join forces and work together in pursuit of their common objectives. Instead, difficulties in communication, fallacies and faulty logic, strong egos, etc.

  • 1. The "political divide" is an artificial division created by the use of Plurality Voting.


Do you like cheese?
What is your favourite type of cheese?
How do you like to eat cheese (e.g. on pizza, by itself, etc.)

I love cheese. Lately, I really like brie. I eat it with prosciutto, rolls, and olives.

How Flowers Conquered the World

Darwin referred to the (seemingly) sudden rise and dominance of the angiosperm as an "abominable mystery."1

Earth Day Twitter

Yesterday was Earth Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness for environmental issues. Here are some notable Earth Day tweets and related media:




In an Emocracy,"I don't know" should count as zero

With multiple options, and a range of positive to negative, saying "I don't know" about one or more of them should count as zero. If the voter wants to approve or disapprove, let them do it. But it is unfair to allow the easy out of "I don't know" to count the same as "I really don't like". If "I don't know" means "I'll let the rest of you decide" then it should have no effect on the outcome. It should count as zero. By any interpretation, "I don't know" should result in no benefit and no harm. As an example, look at the emocracy poll. Emocracy scores 9 for, 5 against and 4 "I don't know".

Understanding Reverence

Christianity didn't even exist in the period of ancient Greece, unlike sophism. Western inverse-civilization is characterized by Lucifer worship (reverence of left-brain aptitude) more than Messiah worship (i.e. Christ worship/Christianity) and always has been. I don't support either.

Those who revere Lucifer's realm will suppress the truth and always need to carry out genocide, slavery, and eugenics. I don't support messiah worship because no human can be on the same level as the Source.

All the problems of society are an extension of people being too lazy to do anything properly.

American Imperialists and Their Allies Enjoy Killing Civilians

It's very clear that American imperialists, along with their international allies, enjoy murdering civilians.

In the month of March 2017 alone, the US intentionally murdered 1,782 to 3,471 civilians in Iraq and Syria.

In 2015, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War and other groups estimated the death toll from US wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan to be 1.3 million as a conservative estimate.


Mariah Carey - Emotions (1991)

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