(Satirical News) UN Officials Urge Yemenis to Don Ariana Grande Fan-Attire to Avert Humanitarian Disaster

With Saudi Arabia's over two-year assault on Yemen having now left over 10,000 dead, 40,000 wounded, 3 million displaced, and 19 million (80% of the population) in need of humanitarian aid, UN officials are urging all Yemenis to immediately purchase and don Ariana Grande T-shirts or other fan wear signifying admiration for Grande's music.12

Healthcare, Warfare, and the State

Question: Is it ethical to have the same political entity responsible for the mass murder of millions of innocent people regulating health laws and healthcare?

Trump Visits Saudi Arabia

President Trump made a splashy debut on the world stage here Saturday, ushering in a new era in U.S.-Saudi Arabian relations by signing a joint “strategic vision” that includes $110 billion in American arms sales and other new investments that the administration said would bring hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Macron Caves to Israel Lobby Pressure

France’s Israel lobby appears to hold a veto over who can run as a parliamentary candidate on the ticket of incoming President Emmanuel Macron’s party.

French media reported on Friday that Macron’s En Marche! movement had dropped one of its candidates for National Assembly elections in June.

Political segregation

Still within the context of the Political Discourse project, and in support of the work currently being carried out by Bryce, I'd like to start this discussion thread to speak about a topic that has been in my mind for many months, if not years: political segregation, its roots and its many manifestations.

The music of Zbigniew Preisner

For Panoramics:

Here is a small sample of Zbigniew Preisner's music:

Choir practice in the Double Life of Veronique:

Les Marionettes

"Van den Budenmayer" Concerto en Mi Mineur

Song for the Unification of Europe - Julie's version

French comedian Nicolas Bedos within rights to describe Marine Le Pen as a 'fascist bitch'

Richard B. Spencer and the altright are literally calling for a second Holocaust where Jews, Muslims, and all opponents of Nazism get targeted for extermination. Calling Richard B. Spencer an asshole is an understatement.

via @RichardBSpencer, Twitter, 2017,
(Tweet deleted.)

The comedian, Nicolas Bedos, used the term "fascist bitch" to describe Marine Le Pen in a column he penned for the Marianne magazine in January 2012.

Trudeau Uses Sophism to Destroy the Environment

[Image: David Suzuki]

Environmentalist David Suzuki called Trudeau a twerp for supporting projects that damage the environment, then having the audacity to ask him [Suzuki] for a political endorsement.

“I said, ‘Justin, stop it, you’re just being political, you just want to make headway in Alberta,’” Suzuki says he told Trudeau. “You’re for the development of the tar sands, you’re for the Keystone pipeline, but you’re against the Northern Gateway, you’re all over the damn map!”

Practical decomracy for candidate selection (a universal primary?)

Practical democracy is a reasonable way to find candidates. Involving everyone at the first level is good. Keep the family rule and the five meeting rule, for all the right reasons. Then make triads totally random within a cost effective geographic area. Small enough, not too big. Forget about joining factions, because we are all in this together. If there will be only one eventual winner, each triad IS inclined to put forward their most qualified alternative. I would like to see the levels end at a point like in the example of 25000.

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