These News Stories Might Sound Like Satire, But They Are Real.

Human toe stolen from Dawson City bar

"We are furious," said the hotel's "Toe Captain," Terry Lee, in a news release. "Toes are very hard to come by."

The hotel's posted fine for swallowing or stealing the toe is $2,500. It had been $500 until August 2013, when a patron gulped back the entire cocktail — toe and all — and slapped $500 on the table.

[Satirical News] Calgary Resident Calls for Protection of Citizens' Right to Be Stupid.

Calgary resident Dianne Winslow has started a petition calling for politicians to protect the right of the general public to be stupid and purposefully delusional. Winslow, an assistant curator and a strong Liberal Party supporter, said she started the petition when grassroots activists started raising public awareness about the Liberal Party's anti-progressive policies.

Fatal Incidents

The following are fatal incidents in Western countries that cannot be exploited for imperialistic purposes. The domestic and international response to these incidents can be compared to domestic and international responses to fatal incidents that can be exploited for imperialistic purposes. This is a way to gauge how much of Western response to fatal incidents is authentic and how much is merely crocodile tears.

Unworthy victims: Western wars have killed four million Muslims since 1990

It's estimated that Western wars in the Middle East have killed approximately four million Muslims.1

The war on Iraq did not begin in 2003, but in 1991 with the first Gulf War, which was followed by the UN sanctions regime.

Rescue Me

It'd be nice if this spirit of helping others could be extended to rescuing Yemenis and Palestinians.

Sass Jordan - Rescue Me (Extended)

The UN Declares Israeli Settlements Illegal While Condemning Palestinian Right to Self-Defence

Israel’s Settlements Have No Legal Validity, Constitute Flagrant Violation of International Law, Security Council Reaffirms

14 Delegations in Favour of Resolution 2334 (2016) as United States Abstains

How many reports are there of Muslim women carrying out terrorist attacks?

Suspect in custody after women wearing hijabs threatened with noose at Edmonton LRT station

Edmonton police have a suspect in custody in connection with a possible hate crime aimed at two hijab-wearing women.

Police made the announcement Tuesday, a day after providing a photograph of the man to media.

By not addressing the roots of homegrown terrorism, more innocent lives will be put in jeopardy.

ISIS never actually claimed responsibility for the November 2015 Paris attacks. ISIS released a statement praising the attackers.1

Solar Egg: A Gold Mirrored Sauna in Sweden by Bigert & Bergström

glimmering in solitude among the snow-laden landscape, stands a distinctive public sauna erected by artistic duo mats bigert and lars bergström. titled the solar egg, the installation stands at five meters high and four meters wide; the smooth and multi-faceted envelope or ‘shell’ wrapped in gold-plated stainless steel. a total of 69 separate pieces make up the egg’s exterior, reflecting glimpses of the swedish town of luossabacken in kiruna in the distance.

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