UK - more tax to drive on motorway: a model for the USA?

Pay more tax to drive on motorway.

Drivers would pay higher road tax for using motorways under a plan being considered by ministers.

The radical idea is being considered as the Treasury faces a budget shortfall caused by families switching to cars that incur lower road tax.


I have nothing more to add to what John Franklin Stephens, a Special Olympics athlete, already said on the topic:

Using the word "retard" to describe me hurts:

I am a 26-year-old man with Down Syndrome. I am very lucky. Even though I was born with this intellectual disability, I do pretty well and have a good life. I live and work in the community. I count as friends the people I went to school with and the people I meet in my job.


The Minguo Think Tank

This post is in reply to an email that I received this evening, proposing to set up a "Minguo Think Tank".

To a large extent, this is already what we are trying to do.

- Most polls are "exclusive" in nature in the way that only members can vote. Only some demo polls are open to the general public (casual visitors who are not registered). See your polling station (link on the left, B&W image) for a list of each type of polls.

- A difference is that it's not by invitation only. Any interested person can register and participate.

Putting the Death Penalty debate into focus

The diary: Pending South Dakota Execution Sharpens the Death Penalty Debate puts forward all the usual reasons for opposing the Death Penalty: innocent people get routinely executed, the whole Death Penalty process is a burden for the tax payer, etc.

Are Capitalism and Democracy Incompatible?

I ran into this Daily Kos diary that asks a thought-provoking question: Are Capitalism and Democracy Incompatible?

Serving The Common Interest

To the extent we believe democracy should fit Lincoln's ideal of "Government of the people, by the people, and for the people", we must not ignore the 'by the people' clause. What has evolved in the United States is not government "by the people", it is a pseudo-democracy governed by the parasitical vested interests that control our nation's political parties.

Interview with Democracy Chronicles

The following interview was originally posted at Democracy Chronicles: Writer Discusses Election Reform and New Website.

A Reform to End Political Deadlock?[Image]: A Reform to End Political Deadlock?


by Adrian Tawfik

E-Mail Votes Seen Raising Election Security Risk: BGOV Barometer


The Nov. 6 presidential election is the first in which almost half the states will permit Americans in the military or overseas to cast ballots via e-mail or online, raising concerns that voting may be vulnerable to hacking or cyber attacks.



...and how do you make ammends when someone is wrongfully executed?

The problem with the death penalty is that there are a predictable steady number of wrongful convictions. There's no remedy for a mistaken or fraudulently-wrongful execution.

That's sufficient reason to not have a death-penalty.

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