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Condordet Internet Voting Service poll on political party platforms

Condorcet Internet Voting Service party platforms poll

Below is copied a llnk to the Condorcet Internet Voting Service poll on political party platforms.

As I mentioned there are 11 parties in that poll. I'll list them again here:

Green [That's GPUS, the larger Green party]
Green Party USA [the original Greens]
Libertarian Party
Socialist Party USA
Communist Party USA
Boston Tea Party [Based on Ron Paul's
...platform, not to be confused with
...the Tea Party Movement]
Reform Party
Consititution Party

Rank-balloting poll on party platforms. Condorcet-IRV, Woodall, and Schwartz Woodall. Secure computer vote-counting.


Would it be appropriate to announce a poll on voting systems at another polling website that counts rankings by a variety of Condorcet methods?

There's currently such a poll at another website. The poll is a public poll--anyone can vote. During its nominations phase, anyone could nominate too, and so there are 11 parties in the poll. With the count program that is being used, a voter has no strategic reason for or against ranking all the parties. One just ranks as many as one wants to.

So, should I announce that poll here?


Where is the Score ballot for this poll?

Green Plaform. Why did you rate Democrats over Greens?

Green platform. Why did you rate Democrat over Green?

Here is a link to the Greens' platform:


In all of the minguo polls, the Democrats have a higher score than the Greens. That means that many or most voters in these polls have rated Democrats higher than Greens.

If you're one of those, then my question to you is: Why?


...and how do you make ammends when someone is wrongfully executed?

The problem with the death penalty is that there are a predictable steady number of wrongful convictions. There's no remedy for a mistaken or fraudulently-wrongful execution.

That's sufficient reason to not have a death-penalty.

Right to live--and rights regarding what s/he'll be subjected to?

Sure, an unborn fetus has a right to live, but if it's known that his/her life would be an unreasonably cruel ordeal, then might not the fetus have a right to not go through that?

Besides, when speaking of rights, the question of awareness and possession of deceloped senses and pereption enters the question.

That's why, though answering in the affirmative about right to life, I also answered "Yes" regarding the accepabilty of properly regulated abortions.
No late-term abortions, for one thing.

Everyone has the right to make their own life choices

The title of this post says it all, regarding the Euthanasia issue.

Discuss them simultaneously

All of the policy areas listed on the ballot are important. They should all be discussed, and they can be polled simultaneously at minguo.



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