Election Methods project

Election Methods project

This project examines alternative Election Methods that correct the well-known flaws of Plurality Voting, with focus on research, practical demonstrations, policies, outreach and education.

Practical Democracy

A bottom-up political process built on reason rather than emotion, focused on careful examination of candidates before they are elected.

Polling station

The members of this site each have their own Polling Station to keep track of ongoing polls, changes in results and of whether they have already voted or not.

Community projects


This web site is the home of many projects. All projects are owned and developed by the entire community. We discuss our individual opinions; we share insights; we collaborate; we build something together, not least of which is a better world for future generations.

Community Manifesto

The Manifesto is an emerging document, collaboratively and consensually written by the members this web site. The content of the manifesto will change and evolve with time, as members contribute to it.

Les Misérables

Les Misérables Project is dedicated to Victor Hugo and his masterpiece, Les Misérables. We investigate the novel from the perspective of the author's humanity and our social activism, moving the context from 19th century France to our 21st century world.

The Forgotten Ones

The Forgotten Ones are the most miserable people on this Earth and who are largely neglected by the media and the citizens of the rich countries. We try to give them a voice and promote solutions to their plight.

Republican Like Me

Just heard of a new book by a former CEO of NPR who left the Washington DC bubble to mix, interact and debate issues with individuals in middle America. Based on reviews this seems like an interesting contribution to the polarization strangling policy debate. Again, this contribution speaks more to symptoms than causes but it provides relevant insight.

Moral outrage in the digital age

Moral outrage is an ancient emotion that is now widespread on digital media and online social networks. How might these new technologies change the expression of moral outrage and its social consequences?
But online platforms have profoundly changed the incentives of information sharing. Because they compete for our attention to generate advertising revenue, their algorithms promote content that is most likely to be shared, regardless of whether it benefits those who share it — or is even true.
Outrage-inducing content appears to be more prevalent and potent online than offline. Future studies should investigate the extent to which digital media platforms intensify moral emotions, promote habit formation, suppress productive social discourse, and change the nature of moral outrage itself. There are vast troves of data that are directly pertinent to these questions, but not all of it is publicly available. These data can and should be used to understand how new technologies might transform ancient social emotions from a force for collective good into a tool for collective self-destruction.

How to improve Canadian federal elections? (Comparative poll on Election Methods)

House of Commons of Canada

The House of Commons of Canada is comprised of 338 Members of Parliament (MPs) elected in single-member districts using Plurality Voting. The elections to elect the 338 MPs are called the Canadian federal election. MPs are elected for four years.

Voting in the poll below is made as a direct comparison with the current system. Each option in the poll is a proposed improvement on the current system. It may include a variety of Election methods to use in each of the current 338 single-member districts, as well as other proposed improvements.

Choice Blog entries +5+4+3+2+10-1-2-3-4-5I don't know Votes Score
95 % Use Practical Democracy in each district. 13 entries 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 9
95 % Use IRV+ in each district. 1 entry 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 9
95 % Use Approval Voting in each district. 2 entries 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 9
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What are the fundamental flaws in our society?

What are the fundamental flaws in our society and in our form of government?

You can add more options to the poll.

Give a higher score to the problems you feel are the most acute, important and fundamental.

Choice Blog entries Score votes Maximum score
86.67 % The way our political system allows the least principled of our citizens to be elected into office. 2 entries 26 3 30
82.5 % The way we conduct elections 5 entries 66 8 80
82.5 % The way we select our representatives 7 entries 66 8 80
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Politics, Policy & Political discourse projects

As part of our re-design effort:
I am now working on improving the list of projects hosted at this site:

There are four core, inter-related projects that I would like to discuss now.
I need your feedback to help name the project, and define their respective scopes.

Election Methods project

The Election Methods project is the core project at minguo.
We just finished re-designing its home page:
I am very pleased with what Fred and myself have accomplished. It all started with a remark from Fred, and some of his suggestions. I followed his train of thoughts and there is the result.

The Election Methods project is however only one of four projects that are closely related to politics.

Can we get out of the corrupt political system in the US?

The request for "an honest idea to get us out of the corrupt and useless political system we live in (US)" is a tall order. To be valid, such an idea must show that it addresses the causes of our present condition. However difficult the task, we must make the effort if we are to avoid civil disorder. My greatest fear is that we'll find ourselves in the throes of that disorder before we've done our homework - before we've reasoned our way to a sound political system that is free of the corruption and ineffectiveness that plague our present system.

The measure of success

This web site is still a very long way away from where I would like it to be. As the host, obviously I wish for this site to be a success. Here, I would like to simply define success, both in terms of shallow success, and meaningful success.

Users' Personal Books

I like a lot what Fred has done with his own personal book:
I would like to extend the concept to all trusted users.

I will make incremental changes so that each regular member can have its own personal book.
The personal books are single-author: each member can have its own.
The personal books are not dated: they can be updated by their author at any time to represent the best that it has to offer.
The personal books are not the place for discussion. Use blog entries for that.

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