Political Discourse project

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Political Discourse

The ability to have a healthy debate on policy issues is an important part of democratic life. Unfortunately, political discourse is not always what it should be. The aim of this project is to enhance political discourse, so that we can have an honest, fact-based, policy-based discussion on matters of importance to our society.

The Good

We explore the type of debate and discourse we should all aim for: respectful, fact-based, on the issues.

The Bad

We explore the negative side of political discourse: lies, name-calling, deceit, deliberate misrepresentation, etc. all of which pull down the level of the debate.

Making government of, for and by the people work is a project led by Bryce Johannes. It aims to create a national discussion about what “the (American) people” want.

Ongoing discussion

Here is a list of ongoing discussion threads that are directly related to developing this project.

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