Content types

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Not all pages on this site look exactly the same nor behave exactly the same way. There are several types of pages, called content types, that we use for different purposes:

  • Some content types are personal, and can only be edited by their author.
  • Other content types are collective, and can be edited by any member of the community.
  • Some content types are dated, while others do not display any date or timestamp. We can thus distinguish perishable from non-perishable content
  • Some content types are created for specific purposes, like polling.
  • etc.

There are many different ways to create new pages within this web site. The main way is to follow the link "Create content" on the left navigation menu. There you will be given a choice of different content types to create. Chose the best content type according to your purposes. See below for details on each content type.

Content types

Wiki page

By and large, any member of the community can edit any wiki page. Like at, wiki pages are collectively written articles.
Wiki pages do not display any author name nor any date information.

Being collective articles, wiki pages are not suitable for personal opinions, but they can link to the most relevant and the most eloquent personal opinions posted elsewhere in the site.

Wiki articles will contain the sum of the collective knowledge of the members of this site. With time, the wiki will become the most valuable content of this site, and as such, will be put front and centre.

Blog entry

Blog entries are personal articles. Each member of this community has its own blog, where it can express its own opinions.
Blog entries are best used for perishable information. The system will assume that the older a blog entry is, the less relevant the information therein is.

Blog entries can also be posted to discuss polls (see below).

Blogs are the best place for:

  • General discussion.
  • Get feedback on some sections or specific pages of your Personal Book.
  • Work together on improving some wiki page1 or for any kind of collective endeavour.

Discussion is the beginning of the process, but it is not the end of it. What matters is the concrete results of the discussion. For example, insight or knowledge gained within a discussion thread ought to be fed back into collective wiki articles.

Personal book page

Some trusted members have the opportunity to post Personal book pages. Such pages carry the author information, but are not dated. The system will assume that the content of those pages will remain relevant forever, and represent the best thoughts that a person has on the topic addressed within the page.

See this blog entry about Personal Books:

Personal books are where members can express the best of themselves. They can be considered as a safe haven, especially for people who hold a minority opinion. However, like all the content on this site, they are subject to site and community regulations.


One of the most unique features of this web site are Poll pages. What is to be noted about this content type is that it operates like a wiki. A poll is not a personal page. Regular members of this community can create any poll they wish. They can also edit polls created by other people, add options to the polls, offering alternative/better answers to the question being asked.


One of the current weaknesses is that all pages look too similar, regardless of type. Regular users can still tell them apart thanks to several cues that have been introduced. Still, it would be better if one could more easily differentiate them. The design currently used in this web site is temporary. One design goal of a future design would be to provide more visual clues so that users can more easily differentiate content types and their uses.

  • 1. Another content type will eventually be put in place for TODO items, for things that need to be done and that require community involvement.