Content formatting

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Check formatting tips here:


The title of each page is a <h1> heading.
In your articles, start using <h2> and add subsections with h3, h4... headings, preferably without skipping any level, i.e. don't have a h4 section as a direct child of a h2 section without having a h3 section in between.

A judicious use of headings, especially in long articles, can provide a great looking table of contents for your article, as you can see in this article:

Focus blocks

See this page:


Trusted users have all the ability to upload attachments when creating or updating a node (content). Please respect copyright issues. Only upload images or other attachments that you own, that you have created yourself, when the copyright holder allows you to or when the license allows you to.

Embedding images

Use this piece of code as a template to embed images:
<img src="" />


It is not currently possible to embed videos. Simply link to them. It will eventually be possible to embed videos (e.g. youtube videos), but implementing this is not a priority and may have to wait until the next major upgrade of the site.