Ban on racist and prejudiced theories and on verbal abuse

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I'm submitting a request to make the decision to ban discussion of psychological race known publicly. I think discussion of psychological race is important for understanding historical and current global affairs.



Title:Censorship of discussion of psychological race» Ban on racist and prejudiced theories and on verbal abuse
Ticket category:+User moderation

I acknowledge the decision to ban Panoramics from using this platform to disseminate a theory which I judged to be racist, prejudiced, and which Panoramics used as an excuse for his incessant ad hominem attacks and insults.

The decision is definitive, and the ban in effect. This ticket is only to be used for me as a reminder to publish a report in the appropriate place (I am not yet sure where to place such notices).

I had privately informed Panoramics a few weeks ago of this decision via private message, while at the same time giving him the possibility to request that I make my decision public. I didn't want to humiliate him publicly, but at the same time, I think it is only healthy for the community as a whole for me to be held accountable for such decisions. I am not perfect. Like everyone, I am bound to make appreciation errors. Thus, some community oversight is welcome.

In a related note, starting today, Panoramics himself is subject to a temporary ban for his constant misuse of his member priviledges in order to post insults, invectives and all sorts of ad hominem attacks, often disguised as sarcasm or satire. Throughout the past few months, I have encouraged Panoramics to focus on policies and solutions. I have made many offers to collaborate on the numerous issues where we apparently agreed (environmental concerns, human rights, democracy, etc.) but almost constantly, Panoramics disregarded such offers but apparently preferred to test the limits of my tolerance towards verbal abuse (which were not aimed at me but at his favourite targets). It appears today that Panoramics has at long last found the limits of my patience.

I plan to enforce a strong policy against personal attacks.

This site is to be used to discuss factual problems and related policies, and more importantly to discuss and promote solutions and better policies, and to disseminate knowledge about such solutions.


Panoramics, should you happen to read this, I've read (or at least, glanced at) all your posts. I did so because, even though I found many of them pointless and gratuitously offensive, I could see hints of your brilliance and kept hoping for something better.

You have a lot of talent, buried under a landslide of anger, bitterness and hatred that makes it impossible for you to communicate with others. I think, in time, you'll learn the value of focus and moderation. If and when that happens, we will all benefit.

Fred Gohlke


I fully agree with Fred's comment, both the negative and the positive aspects.