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Fred & Geo,

I see that your book is slowly taking shape. Well done to you both!

Originally, it was I who created the chapter headings: "chapter 01: boot camp", "Chapter 02: Normandy", etc.
As stated before, I did this for demonstration purposes.

The heading "Chapter 03: Europe" is particularly unfortunate, because the whole book is actually about George's time in Europe. Moreover, both England (chapter 1) and Normandy France (chapter 2) are in Europe!

As stated before, I think chapter headings per country visited in chronological order (however briefly) should be easier to manage and more logical.
You may even add the time period your were in the given country.

Thus, there would be:
- Chapter 01: USA (March 1942 - November 1943)
(the dates are for illustration purposes only. Update with appropriate dates, or leave them out altogether.)
- Chapter 02: England (November 1943 - June 1944)
- Chapter 03: France (June 1944 - ?? 1944)
- Chapter 04: Belgium (?? 1944 - ?? 1944)
- Chapter 05: USA (?? 1945 - )

Then, if you need help moving pages from one chapter to another, ask me. It's a very easy procedure described in the wiki.




Thanks, Augustin

I think those are good ideas. I'll send them to George and see if we can get the dates right.



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Chapter 01 looks good.
I moved some pages to the appropriate chapters.


Thanks, again. Progress is slow, but we'll get there.