political parties: when voting matters

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TODO: create/improve articles related to party politics, and the role of political parties.
See how their role is conditioned by the election method used (plurality voting).
What's the difference between parties and other interest groups?



Title:Document the role of political parties» political parties: when voting matters

In my opinion political parties should be where people of like mind come together to make common cause to effect political change. If the matter needs the consent of the people, then this is where it needs to be developed as policy and then put before all the people. Other special interests may choose to directly approach the government to get their way, and/or infiltrate a political party. In practice, parties in Canada, present their policies to the people in the form of a national election platform and the party leader sells it to the voters. Unlike America and France, Canada’s problem is there is no vote for it. There should be. No need to elect anybody, because that’s not what parties are there for.