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Global Direct Democracy Quick Guide


1. The universe is collectively owned by all humans. Decision making must be determined by majority rule. Global direct democracy has the highest say.

2. Regional sovereignty should be respected, but global direct democracy still has highest say. For example, if the people of Africa democratically voted to take over the rest of the planet, the rest of the planet has the right to vote against that and enforce global democratic will.

3. Global direct democracy can grant temporary regional sovereignty so countries can run their own internal affairs.

Demonstrations in Netherlands

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Timezone: Europe/Amsterdam.

The Hague / Den Haag

18 May

at 15:00–16:30 in UTC+02
Den Haag
The Hague, Netherlands

Time UTCsort iconLocal timePlaceEvent
2014-05-18 13:00:002014-05-18 15:00:00The HagueThe Hague rally, Sunday 18th May 2014. #BringBackOurGirls

Tennessee's 6th Congressional District

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List of issues that affect the district.
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* Oil industry drilling and fracking are an issue, especially with regard to regulations and State tax revenues. 1

* Congressional districts boundaries (redistricting). 2


Pennsylvenia Governor Tom Corbett and the oil industry


The main electorial issue in Pennsylvania is the attempt to replace Governor Tom Corbett. Corbett was elected with the huge financial assistance of the gas drilling (and fracking) industry. Corbett ran in 2010 promissing to keep the drilling in Pennsylvania by not over-regulating or over-taxing the industry. The end result of a state totally controlled by Republicans was no severance fee for natural gas and almost no regulations on the drilling industry.

Redistricting procedure in Pennsylvania

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I have suggested the following changes in the redistricting procedure in Pennsylvania. Currently, the seats in the congressional delegation are drawn by an "independant commission" but its members are appointed by the leadership of the party caucuses in the two houses of the General Assembly. The 4 appointed members select one independant member. Seats in the state Senate and House of Representatives are drawn the leadership of the two major parties in the two houses themselves. There is no connection between federal House seats, state Senate seats, and state House seats.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Why is Arnold Schwarzenegger included in this poll? He is not eligible to be elected President. He was not born in the United States. He meets none of the conditions used to justify other candidates running like John McCain (born to a naval family serving in the Panama Canal Zone). Even Ted Cruz, who I do not believe is qualified to be President, has a better claim to being a natural-born United States citizen.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was a disaster as Governor of California.

FL-08: Bill Poser and challenger Corry Westbrook

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I very recently received a private message with the following statement:

There is a strong possibility that Bill "Birther" Posey will win re-election
in a landslide. This is because one of the Democrats seeking the Democrat
nomination to challenge him has a legal of unethical actions. Corry
"Fraudster" Westbrook also committed a crime when in one of the first acts of
her campaign she fraudulently obtained a Florida Voter Registration card in
early 2013 by illegally usig her parents' address. At the time she was a

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