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Environmental issues in Canada

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Some proposed new fuel projects such as pipelines, tar sands, and fracking would further damage the environment.

Give me direct democracy or give me window-dressing

The NL Open Government Initiative does not mean what it says.

By: Jon Parsons

Reading the press release accompanying the recent announcement of the NL Provincial Government’s “Open Government Initiative,” one tends to get the impression that this is a radical shift in policy toward direct decision-making by the people.


We recognize the fact that humanity needs its natural environment and the whole ecosystem to survive. We want to promote policies, and in particular economic policies, that take this basic fact into account.

We believe that all the natural resources of the Earth belong to the whole of humanity, including present and future generations. We also believe that it is in humanity's interest to protect the interests of other life forms, in particular that of the Animal Kingdom.

Policing the production and use of chemicals:

Policing the production and use of chemicals

All kinds of chemicals are both polluting the environment and damaging our health. Chemical products are routinely used in manufacturing and even included in consumer products.

What should be the best federal policy in that respect?

As an example, the European Union has adopted the REACH treaty both to protect the human health and to protect the environment.

Choice Blog entries +10-1I don't know Votes Score
100 % The sale and use of toxic chemicals should be better regulated 0 5 0 0 0 5 5
100 % Fragrances need better labelling 1 entry 5 0 0 0 5 5
40 % The ingredients of all products (not only food products) should be printed on the packaging 0 2 0 0 3 5 -1
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Is Al Gore haunted?

I am personally a big fan of Al Gore: he is a man on a mission and I like his mission as much as he seems to believe in it.

Yet, a friend send me the following information, with a link to an article named The town that haunts Al Gore.

My friend wrote:

The above link is to a web article about East Liverpool, Ohio; Al Gore; a
company named WTI, and its huge toxic waste incinerator. It's a tragic
account, for the people who lived there, and it isn't the only stain on Al

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