[2012 Presidential Poll] Score voting


Green Plaform. Why did you rate Democrats over Greens?

Green platform. Why did you rate Democrat over Green?

Here is a link to the Greens' platform:


In all of the minguo polls, the Democrats have a higher score than the Greens. That means that many or most voters in these polls have rated Democrats higher than Greens.

If you're one of those, then my question to you is: Why?

Strategy Reminders for Score Voting

When voting in Score, remember that:

1. There is no reason to not give max points (10 points) to your genuine favorite(s)

2. There is no reason to give more than min points (0 points) to someone who isn't quite as good as your favorite(s), unless, otherwise, someone worse might win.

The results of the 2008 poll, and the results-so-far in this poll, give you an idea of what is likely. For instance, in 2008, and in this poll so far, the Republican candidates get very few points, and aren't even close to winning.

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