How to improve Canadian federal elections? (Comparative poll on Election Methods)


Canada's "Liberals" Break Electoral Reform Promise

One of the Liberal Party of Canada's campaign promises going into the 2015 election was a new electoral system in the first half of their mandate. Knowing that they couldn't get away with introducing a system that exacerbates the disproportionality of the current winner-take-all system, the "Liberals" have abandoned their commitment to electoral reform.1

  • 1. Smith, Marie-Danielle. "Liberals break electoral reform promise less than a day after signalling collaboration with opposition". National Post, 1 Feb.

Taking Party off the ballot for representation in a district.

Taking party off the ballot in a vote for representation. Do that and the tables turn. The only thing a party wins is the agenda in Canada (if only they could vote on that), or the Presidency and his/her mandate in the USA. Representatives, preferably each elected by a majority in their district, will likely be supportive of an agenda elected by a majority in a nation wide vote. Every national party could publicly identify whichever and however many of the candidates are acceptable to their supporters.

Creating a new poll on election methods

I'm thinking about creating a new poll, reserved to members, on election methods. There are a few existing polls on the topic, but they are badly phrased or do not correspond to what I am after right now.

The main characteristic of the poll would be that it is comparative to the methods currently used. The question would be: how much better (or worse) would the given EM be compared to the existing method.

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