Nature of democracy


Nature of democracy

The term democracy means different things to different people, at different times.

Etymologically speaking, the word democracy comes from the Greek and means: the rule of the people.

Majority rule

What are the fundamental flaws in our society?

What are the fundamental flaws in our society and in our form of government?

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Choice Blog entries Score votes Maximum score
82.5 % The way we select our representatives 7 entries 66 8 80
82.5 % The way we conduct elections 5 entries 66 8 80
80 % The way our political system allows the least principled of our citizens to be elected into office. 2 entries 16 2 20
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Can we get out of the corrupt political system in the US?

The request for "an honest idea to get us out of the corrupt and useless political system we live in (US)" is a tall order. To be valid, such an idea must show that it addresses the causes of our present condition. However difficult the task, we must make the effort if we are to avoid civil disorder. My greatest fear is that we'll find ourselves in the throes of that disorder before we've done our homework - before we've reasoned our way to a sound political system that is free of the corruption and ineffectiveness that plague our present system.

I'm just here to set the ideal.

There is majority rule or minority rule. Democracy means majority rule has highest say.

The stipulations I list in the article linked above seem difficult to accomplish, but are very important to know.

Election method: one of the most fundamental issues

The election method used in our public elections is one of the most fundamental issues of our society and affect the very nature of our democracies.

How to go from mob rule to intelligent rule?

This web site is dedicated to improving our democracies.
But I can help but pondering about the nature of democracy itself.

As noted in our wiki page about democracy:
Jefferson may have said:

Democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where 51% of the people may take away the rights of the other 49%.

How to go from mob rule to intelligent rule?

Thoughts on Democracy

If we are to have a voice in our government, we must have a way to influence the choice of issues the government will address and the choice of the individuals we think best able to resolve them.

Fred Gohlke

Are Capitalism and Democracy Incompatible?

I ran into this Daily Kos diary that asks a thought-provoking question: Are Capitalism and Democracy Incompatible?

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