[2016] Who would be your ideal right-wing candidates for the 2016 presidential elections?

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On the right side of the political divide, who would be your ideal candidates for the 2016 presidential elections? If you dislike them all, vote "I like" for the candidates you dislike the least, the aim being to find out which of the following candidates have the biggest appeal across the political spectrum. As with all community polls, feel free to add names of right wing politicians you would like (Left wing candidates will be removed from this poll). As usual, you can update your vote anytime you wish. Follow up polls will eventually be set up where Right and Left candidates will be pitched against each other …

2016 US presidential election polls:

Choice Blog entries I like Average I don't like I don't know votes score
83.33 %Jon Huntsman — fmr. Governor of Utah & fmr. US Ambassador (R)0210035
50 %Gary Johnson — fmr. Governor of New Mexico (Libertarian)0111033
50 %Arnold Schwarzenegger — fmr. Governor of California (R)1 entry111033
50 %Condoleeza Rice — fmr. US Secretary of State (R)0111033
50 %Ben Carson — neurosurgeon (Ind.)0111033
50 %Chris Christie — Governor of New Jersey (R)0111033
33.33 %Newt Gingrich — fmr. Speaker of the House of Representatives (R)0102032
33.33 %Marco Rubio — U.S. Senator from Florida (R)0021032
16.67 %Scott Brown — fmr. U.S. Senator from Massachusetts (R)0012031
16.67 %Paul Ryan — U.S. Representative from Wisconsin & 2012 vice-presidential nominee (R)0012031
16.67 %Rand Paul — U.S. Senator from Kentucky (R)0012031
0 %Jeb Bush — fmr. Governor of Florida (R)0003030
0 %Scott Walker — Governor of Wisconsin (R)0003030
0 %Ted Cruz — U.S. Senator from Texas (R)0002130
0 %Sarah Palin — fmr. Governor of Alaska & 2008 vice-presidential nominee (R)0003030
0 %Rick Santorum — fmr. U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania (R)0003030
0 %Mike Huckabee — fmr. Governor of Arkansas (R)0003030
0 %John R. Bolton — fmr. U.S. Ambassador to the UN (R)0003030
0 %Rick Perry — Governor of Texas (R)0003030
0 %Donald Trump — business magnate (R)0003030

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