What is your stance on Nuclear Energy?

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80 %Old nuclear plants or nuclear plants built on dangerous ground should be dismantled.0454
80 %To inform and to educate the young generation about what the nuclear situation will be in 20~30 years.1 entry454
80 %Nuclear plant operators should subscribe to an insurance policy that would cover the full cost of a nuclear disaster.1 entry454
80 %Nuclear plant operators should set aside enough funds to cover the cost of dismantling the plant at the end of its life.0454
40 %Use nuclear energy only as much as is necessary to fight Global Warming (reduce greenhouse gas emission).0252
40 %No new nuclear plant should be built.0252
40 %Nuclear Energy should be heavily taxed to reflect its full cost (dangerosity and cradle to grave pollution).0252
40 %All nuclear plants should be dismantled at any cost.0252

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