2008 U.S. Presidential Poll

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This is a poll that votes among candidates for the 2008 Presidential election.

I've included the most familiar candidates of each of the main U.S. ballot-qualified parties--Democrat, Republican, Green, and Libertarian. Most of the candidates are Democrats and Republicans, but Rebecca Rotzler is a Green, and Michael Badnarik is a Libertarian.

Voting that you like a candidate gives him/her 2 points. Voting that you're indifferent to a candidate gives him/her 1 point. Voting that you dislike a candidate or don't know gives no points to him/her.

That is the Emocracy method, and is equivalent to the -1,0,1 point rating system which is described in the voting system poll.

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Choice Blog entries I like Average I don't like I don't know votes score
56 %Joe Biden (D)0361212157584
52.36 %Barack Obama (D)2 entries99246425212222
44.34 %Al Gore2 entries80285846212188
43.87 %Ron Paul (R)074383961212186
41.51 %Dennis Kucinich (D)3 entries66443270212176
32.08 %John Edwards (D)1 entry44486159212136
30.66 %Bill Richardson043443788212130
29.72 %Hillary Clinton (D)1 entry51249047212126
28.83 %Cynthia McKinney (D) (Greens have tried to draft her)041313193196113
28.3 %Ralph Nader034526858212120
25.24 %Mike Gravel (D)0334133105212107
18.67 %Sarah Palin (R)013249117528
17.69 %Peter Camejo (Nader's previous running-mate)018394411121275
17.69 %Rebecca Rotzler (Green)017413412021275
17.45 %Michael Badnarik (Libertarian)018383512121274
15.57 %John McCain (R)1 entry25161234821266
10.14 %Rudy Giuliani (R)2 entries16111295621243
9.91 %Mitt Romney (R)1 entry12181186421242

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