What issue will the most influence your vote for the 2008 elections?

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What issue will the most influence your vote for the 2008 elections (including during the primaries, should you be able to vote then)?

If all issues are important to you, vote "I like" only for those issues that you think are most important. Vote "I don't like" for those issues that are of no concern to you, or that you feel are much less important.

The members of this site can complete the list with more issues (try to keep the list reasonably short by adding only fairly general topics).

Choice Blog entries I like Average I don't like I don't know votes score
85.71 %Better Election Method 0112011424
85.29 %Economic Issues0125001729
76.53 %New, full scale and independent investigation of the 9/11 events0355724975
74.49 %Withdraw from Iraq1 entry361574973
71.43 %The environment in general0334484970
66.25 %Impeachment2 entries245564053
59.18 %Global warming / Climate change02312684958
53.06 %Health care01914794952
51.02 %Unemployement issues01520684950
48.75 %National initiative and recall powers for voters01755134039
47.06 %Social welfare056331716
42.86 %Less taxes0151211114942
41.18 %Pro-choice / Feminist issues0210411714
41.18 %Downsize the Federal government062721714
17.65 %Pro-life / anti-abortion issues014111176
11.76 %Religious issues012122174
10.2 %Winning the war or terror03431114910
4.17 %Stay and win the war in Iraq012369484

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