This is a collectively editable wiki page. Be bold and improve it by adding any relevant information you may have.

This manifesto is an emerging document, collaboratively and consensually written by the members this web site. The content of the manifesto will change and evolve with time, as members contribute to it.

Thanks to the opinion polls running in this site, we can establish which ideas are the most popular with the members. Each section of the manifesto represents a specific subject on which the members have been polled. As more and more members vote, add new (better) options and create new polls, the content will also evolve accordingly.

This manifesto is set up as a handbook which functions as a wiki: any active member can edit and add to it. However, as a spam prevention measure, new members may not be able to edit it. With a simple request, your account can be upgraded to give you edit rights, regardless of your opinions and political affiliation. Simply let us know you are interested in participating. We simply want to filter out hardcore spammers (the kind that's interested in telling us about the vlagr@ that they are selling or some other spamware), and people promoting hatred and violence.

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