03 - Normandy, After the Breakout at St Lo

Coming soon, a full book by George Weir, a WW2 veteran.

After the breakout, we went on through northern France and Belgium into Germany. We were the first American unit to cross the German Border, in September, 1944.

When we broke out of the hedgerows on July 26, we headed south. The German army that had us enclosed in the hedge rows were heading back, rapidly, to Germany.

Our 3rd Armored Division was ordered to swing to Mortain and connect with the British army that was heading south from the English Channel, to close the Falaise Gap. We were doing this to enclose the fleeing Germans. We did our part and had a bloody battle getting to Mortain, but the English didn't make it and the Germans were able to head fast to their homeland.

When we were not resting or on the attack, the tanks would move out toward the next objective, We truckers followed close behind them.

Whenever and wherever our tanks stopped, my job was to get to the tanks as soon as possible. Heading to the tanks I had to drive through the center road of a bombarded town for over a mile with burning buildings on both sides of the street.

Wow!!! I sure was worried about any of the falling fire dropping on the fuel in my truck. I had a canvas cover over the Jerry cans, but it was still an unpleasant situation.