Amélie (2001)


I'm in the middle of watching the film Amélie (2001). The main character Amelie has 28 teeth: 8 incisors, 4 canines, 8 premolars, and 8 molars — all distributed evenly between her upper and lower jaw. Her four third molars were surgically removed. Amelie brushes her teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and flosses daily.


Alien (2017)

I started watching Alien: Covenant (2017) in the middle of Amélie.

They should do an Alien-Amélie crossover where a futuristic version of Amélie kills xenomorphs.

[Image: Leeloo from The Fifth Element (1997)]

Fact: Futuristic Amélie can kill a xenomorph with her bare hands. Her favourite method of killing a xenomorph is to slowly and methodically dismember the xenomorph while listening to Tchaikovsky's "Waltz of the Flowers."

I found a better Aladdin.

I can't believe Disney cast Mena Massoud as Aladdin over my suggestion: @SafeensS

[Image: Mena Massoud (top-right); @safeensS (bottom-right)]