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Why Twitter is blocking @BringGirlsBack and how followers make all the difference

UPDATE: Now it's getting worse: Twitter has suspended my account because a fault in their #$@ software prevents me from confirming my email!! Please help! Twitter helpdesk has not replied to my demand for help! I cannot stop now!!!

Brainstorm action points to #BringBackOurGirls

Without the limiting factor or 140 character tweets, use this blog entry as an open thread to discuss and brainstorm ideas to help the poor schoolgirls....

Check the wiki for more info:

Abuja, Nigeria demonstration to #BringBackOurGirls, 29th Apr 2014 (Pictures)

On the 29th April 2014, in the afternoon, mothers were demonstrating of Abuja, Nigeria, to protest the abduction of 234 school girls.

Twitter user KADUNAconnect was very kind to send me some pictures he took during the protest.
Click on the images for the full size:

Pierre Perret: Mon p'tit loup

This is a popular great French song of friendship against violence, and particularly rape. Pierre Perret is loved by most French people, and much admired for his simplicity and frankness.

[Fr.] [En.]
T'en fais, pas mon p'tit loup,
C'est la vie, ne pleure pas.
Tu oublieras, mon p'tit loup,
Ne pleure pas.
Don't worry sweetheart
That's life, don't cry
You will forget, sweetheart
Don't cry.

FL-08: Bill Poser and challenger Corry Westbrook

I very recently received a private message with the following statement:

There is a strong possibility that Bill "Birther" Posey will win re-election
in a landslide. This is because one of the Democrats seeking the Democrat
nomination to challenge him has a legal of unethical actions. Corry
"Fraudster" Westbrook also committed a crime when in one of the first acts of
her campaign she fraudulently obtained a Florida Voter Registration card in
early 2013 by illegally usig her parents' address. At the time she was a

Setting up a poll about Canada and the USA

Adrian and myself are currently trying to set up a poll regarding the relationship between the US and Canada, based on an idea proposed here: Why Canada Should Consider Joining the United States by Adrian Tawfik.

The questions are:

- Should the poll be open to all, or should it be set up as a member-only poll for the community manifesto?

- What exact question should be asked?

International Manifesto For the Next Generation

I like the idea of having a section within our manifesto specially dedicated to the next generation.

The original idea of an International Manifesto For the Next Generation does not come from me but from arkouzaki in this post about the long term consequences of using nuclear energy.

So if you guys vote up this option, we can start discussing the main sections and the main ideas to draft into this future generation manifesto.

Obama vs. Hillary Clinton (2008 all over again!)

It's fun to have this poll with a very limited and limiting roster of candidates, which include only Obama and Hillary Clinton on the left. It feels like the 2008 Demcratic primaries all over again!

Today like 5 years ago, I would still prefer Obama to Clinton, although I must admit that while Obama has achieved some important positive reforms, he also has largely disappointed. Thus, my preference for Obama over Clinton is not as clear cut as it used to be.

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