broken finger

I think I broke my finger.
I can only type with one hand.
I'll do what I can but expect much reduced activity from my part until it's healed.



I'm sorry to hear about your broken finger. The physical pain is distressing and the inability to function normally must be even more so. I hope you recover quickly.


Thank you very much, Fred.
back from the hospital, ive a splint on middle finger of right hand.
I must wear the splint for 6 weeks.
this week im only allowed to type with left hand.

Time Heals All Wounds

As we used to say, years ago, "What a revoltin' development."

Hang loose, Augustin. This, too, shall pass.


Yes, you're right.
Another contretemps, the type every single one of us has known.
That's life.

I'll try to be somewhat more active here next week.

Bon Rétablissement


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