lack of access to internet

the world is improving in terms of technology and every day communication companies are coming up with new software that is making life easier
and enjoyable. on the other hand, the world is getting digital and communication is becoming easier but here in Dadaab things are different,
although, Dadaab refugee complex is home to a refugee population that is slightly more than 400,000 individuals, for this people access to internet is a luxury and un affordable.


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Dadaab funraising: how to help, what to do?

Please, before reading the rest of this short blog entry, make sure to read the following wiki article:

I assume that you have read the above page and will not repeat the information already listed there.
Actually, I have just updated the wiki to add a short TODO list, so you can check it again if you haven't recently.

You can use this blog entry as an open discussion thread to discuss the project, exchange ideas, volunteer for specific tasks, etc.

Editing minguo poll options: community moderation?

It just happened that a member wanted to edit a poll option he had just added to a poll (due to a spelling mistake). I informed him that only myself, as web site administrator, could do so. However, I do plan to eventually allow any regular member to edit poll options, as long as the proper moderation tools and community supervision tools are in place.

So, this is a planned feature, although I don't know when I'll have time to implement it.

You can use this thread to discuss how you envision the workflow for adding, moderating and editing minguo poll options.


Political parties are less about ideology and more about getting individual elected.

Check this article, especially the section about the history of presidential elections in the USA:
From 1789 to 1832, political parties were only a convenience to assemble together people with the same ideology. However, candidates only represented themselves in elections and having several candidates from the same party was the norm.

idleness in Dadaab

the youth in Dadaab are unemployed and do not have freedom of movement, therefore they say we are enclosed in an open prison
some of the youth were born in the camps while others came to the camp while still very young say some months to five years

According to the Kenya laws on refugees [No refugee can leave the camp with out getting travel authorization from the DRA, the department of refugee affairs]. in order to get travel authorization one must go through a vetting process where they should explain to the authorities the reason for
their movement request

Setting up a new poll about Canadian politics

I am having a conversation with @poramics about election methods and Canadian politics:

Since he's already a member of this site, I thought it'd nice if we could set up a nice poll about Canadian politics, in order to demonstrate better election method alternatives.

Poramics: I don't know much about Canadian politics. Can you help me set up this poll?
As examples, see some of the USA polls listed here

girl child education in Dadaab

Dadaab refugee complex consist of five camps namely Ifo, Dagahley, Hagadera, ifo-2 and kambi ows and is home to a refugee population of
about 400,000 mainly from the war torn neighbor Somalia.
According to many parents here in this complex we have talked to education for their children is one of the top priorities since they are living outside
their home country, the only thing which they can take with them in the event of return is the education of their off spring which will help re build their
life in Somalia.

For: H.O.Sulaiman, Nigerian Ambassador in France, regarding the social unrest in NE Nigeria

I just sent an email to the Nigerian Ambassador in France. See the full text of that email below. Please write, too, to show your own concern.

See also

The letter

Subject: For: H.O.Sulaiman regarding the social unrest in NE Nigeria
From: augustin

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