Canada's "Liberals" Break Electoral Reform Promise

One of the Liberal Party of Canada's campaign promises going into the 2015 election was a new electoral system in the first half of their mandate. Knowing that they couldn't get away with introducing a system that exacerbates the disproportionality of the current winner-take-all system, the "Liberals" have abandoned their commitment to electoral reform.1

  • 1. Smith, Marie-Danielle. "Liberals break electoral reform promise less than a day after signalling collaboration with opposition". National Post, 1 Feb.

The More the Merrier?
Let's try the above experiment again with 90 people, 8 options, and as many referendums as is necessary to choose a clear victor.

90 people choose among 8 options:

Round 1
Scenario 1 results:
Option A: 90
Option B: 0
Option C: 0
Option D: 0
Option E: 0
Option F: 0
Option G: 0
Option H: 0
No further voting is needed.

Scenario 2 results:
Option A: 50
Option B: 40
Option C: 0
Option D: 0
Option E: 0
Option F: 0
Option G: 0
Option H: 0

Adding Higher Precision

Before I said 'democracy' should be defined as majority rule. What I actually meant was that 'democracy' should be defined as direct democracy (for all adults) having highest authority.

I actually support plurality voting which comprises majority rule when there are only two options. However, when there are more than two options, I do support going with the most popular option even if it has less than 50% of the vote.

For example, let's say 9 friends are voting on whether to go for pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, or ice cream.

After the first round of voting, the results are:

Under the Sea!

The Dorian invasion caused the Late Bronze Age collapse which led to the Greek Dark Ages. Sparta and Athens arose afterward. Sparta was controlled by Dorian-types (comprising Dorians) while Athens was controlled by Athenian-style slave-makers (comprising Athenian slave-makers).

Invasions, destruction and possible population movements during the collapse of the Bronze Age, c. 1200:

Full image:

The sinking of Atlantis is typically a reference to the Late Bronze Age collapse:

Democracy and Apartheid

If 'democracy' is not defined as global direct democracy having highest authority, then every tyranny and oligarchy will declare itself a democracy. We already see this everywhere from North Korea, a dictatorship; to the US, a constitutional republic; to Israel, an apartheid regime.

Time for a Conversation about Change

Fred just introduced me to a guy named Bryce Johannes.

I just finished reading his piece called "Time for a Conversation about Change" and which can be found here:
A shorter version, called "Making government of, for and by the people work" can be found here:

Thomas Paine - Agrarian Justice (1)

Whether that state that is proudly, perhaps erroneously, called civilization, has most promoted or most injured the general happiness of man, is a question that may be strongly contested. On one side, the spectator is dazzled by splendid appearances; on the other, he is shocked by extremes of wretchedness; both of which it has erected. The most affluent and the most miserable of the human race are to be found in the countries that are called civilized.

Basic Income Economics (Part 1)

I'm in the process of writing out a document that advocates for the implementation of a basic income. To do that, many myths must be dispelled. I've uploaded the first part of the document to my personal book:

Barbe Bleue and The Epic of Gilgamesh

Rebecca Yanovskaya is an artist currently residing in Canada who does illustrations in ballpoint pen and gold leaf. She does illustrations for fantasy, mythology, folktales, and other genres. She's created illustrations for Bluebeard as well as The Epic of Gilgamesh which are displayed on her website along with her other works:

broken finger

I think I broke my finger.
I can only type with one hand.
I'll do what I can but expect much reduced activity from my part until it's healed.

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