Setting up a new poll about Canadian politics

I am having a conversation with @poramics about election methods and Canadian politics:

Since he's already a member of this site, I thought it'd nice if we could set up a nice poll about Canadian politics, in order to demonstrate better election method alternatives.

Poramics: I don't know much about Canadian politics. Can you help me set up this poll?
As examples, see some of the USA polls listed here

girl child education in Dadaab

Dadaab refugee complex consist of five camps namely Ifo, Dagahley, Hagadera, ifo-2 and kambi ows and is home to a refugee population of
about 400,000 mainly from the war torn neighbor Somalia.
According to many parents here in this complex we have talked to education for their children is one of the top priorities since they are living outside
their home country, the only thing which they can take with them in the event of return is the education of their off spring which will help re build their
life in Somalia.

For: H.O.Sulaiman, Nigerian Ambassador in France, regarding the social unrest in NE Nigeria

I just sent an email to the Nigerian Ambassador in France. See the full text of that email below. Please write, too, to show your own concern.

See also

The letter

Subject: For: H.O.Sulaiman regarding the social unrest in NE Nigeria
From: augustin


Guess all of you will concur with me on this;

One-day the world was a very peaceful just like saveheaven and it is man who made it this way of today, crisis after crisis and after crisis and so on.
I strongly believe with man, that is you and i can still make a big difference like Nelson Mandela.
I will remain just not blaming others but fix the bolt and nut to make some change and my hope is that you can as well make bigger difference.


What goes up comes down;

Never ever give up your faith.
Know that adversities,obstacles and failures are stepping stones to success.Stay positive.
Always have unshakable faith in your inner infinite power to decide and choose your goal, to discriminate between good and evil,and determination to achieve.
Dare to dream big.
The only requirement is to be patient,persistent and not to allow negativities like disappointment,despair to distract your mind.

Worst Scenario?

Good Morning from Dadaab Refugee Camps! If you could only take one thing from your home with you, what would you take?
Good Morning from #Dadaab Refugee Camp.
Imagine your family had 1 minute to flee your home. What 1 thing would you take with you?
#Refugee #asylum #IDP #UNHCRKenya #UNHCR #RefugeeCamp #Somali #Hagadera #Kakuma #Kambioos #Dagahaley #Ifo — at Kenya Dadaab Refugee Camp.

Introduction to Tax Reform

It is obvious to anyone that our current social and economic system is broken. Our tax system is a core element of the social and economic system. Tax reform is an important topic being debated by reformers across the globe. It is also a very complex and far reaching topic which cannot be summarized in a single blog post, much less a single tweet. A whole book, if not more than one, would be necessary to properly discuss each reform proposals, their effectiveness, their feasibility and their implications.

Could Boko Haram be the armed wing of All Progressive Congress?

Questions alleging a link between the opposition party in Nigeria and Boko Haram were forwarded by a British Parliamentarian to the UK foreign secretary on July 8, 2014. The questions, listed under ‘notices for written answer’, were published on the website of the UK parliament.
The following Boko Haram related questions asked by the Parliamentarian, Andrew Rosindell, are below:

Boko Haram: How a Militant Islamist Group Emerged in Nigeria

What developments might have triggered the emergence of violent Islamist group Boko Haram during the last decade in Nigeria? According to Umar Mamodu[1] -- a scholar and key Boko Haram historian -- its inception in 2002 resulted from a clash between the moderate Islamic teachings of the prominent Sheikh Jafaar Adam at the Mahammadu Ndimi Mosque in Maiduguri-Borno State in the Northeastern part of Nigeria, and the more militant interpretation of the Qur'an by his disciple, Mohammed Yusuf.[2]


Friends, it has really been a while since you heard from me, but when your job force you to move to a very remote village in Nasarawa State Nigeria where electricity supply and internet facilities is a major problem then you will understand my plight.

Meanwhile your concern for the cause will always remain my burden!

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