Introduction to Tax Reform

It is obvious to anyone that our current social and economic system is broken. Our tax system is a core element of the social and economic system. Tax reform is an important topic being debated by reformers across the globe. It is also a very complex and far reaching topic which cannot be summarized in a single blog post, much less a single tweet. A whole book, if not more than one, would be necessary to properly discuss each reform proposals, their effectiveness, their feasibility and their implications.

Could Boko Haram be the armed wing of All Progressive Congress?

Questions alleging a link between the opposition party in Nigeria and Boko Haram were forwarded by a British Parliamentarian to the UK foreign secretary on July 8, 2014. The questions, listed under ‘notices for written answer’, were published on the website of the UK parliament.
The following Boko Haram related questions asked by the Parliamentarian, Andrew Rosindell, are below:

Boko Haram: How a Militant Islamist Group Emerged in Nigeria

What developments might have triggered the emergence of violent Islamist group Boko Haram during the last decade in Nigeria? According to Umar Mamodu[1] -- a scholar and key Boko Haram historian -- its inception in 2002 resulted from a clash between the moderate Islamic teachings of the prominent Sheikh Jafaar Adam at the Mahammadu Ndimi Mosque in Maiduguri-Borno State in the Northeastern part of Nigeria, and the more militant interpretation of the Qur'an by his disciple, Mohammed Yusuf.[2]


Friends, it has really been a while since you heard from me, but when your job force you to move to a very remote village in Nasarawa State Nigeria where electricity supply and internet facilities is a major problem then you will understand my plight.

Meanwhile your concern for the cause will always remain my burden!


Since the insurgency begins in the north, many things had followed but one thing that is growing worst by day is the abject poverty the insurgency had the inhabitants to. Its quite unfortunate that both the Federal Government and the international communities are more Concern with fighting the insurgents than paying attention to the living condition of the people.

Extreme poverty, famine: short term to long term action

A question on Twitter

I asked the question on Twitter:

There were 7 retweets (so far) but only one individual, @OtherFemme, replied to my question:

Solid infrastructure and social support, accountable leaders, and women need to be educated and empowered.

I'd also recommend moving away from non-renewable energy and leashing multinational corporations.

Boko haram in our eyes - Northerners

As a scientist, I was trained to know that the first step to solving any problem is not in knowing the answer but understanding the problem. The imperatives of this is that you may be giving a correct answer to a wrong problem if the problem is not well understood. Another reason is that for every problem, there is always a set of hypothesis that will be formulated and the solution to the problem is nothing but the testing for of the hypothesis. If the hypothesis is formulated based on wrong premises the solution provided at the end of the day will be wrong.

The first step of our lives begins the journey into the unknown...

The first step of our lives begins the journey into the unknown. A toddler struggles to get on his feet; he/she struggles to be independent, to venture into uncertainties oblivious of what those very steps could bring. There’s sometimes a smile and sometimes a loud shout of crying when there’s is a misstep .

Life is a journey filled with lessons, hardships, heartaches, joys, celebrations and special moments that will ultimately lead us to our destination, our purpose in life. The road will not always be smooth; in fact, throughout our travels, we will encounter many challenges.


In my earlier submission in part 1 of this topic, I did point out a few out of the many" don't care" attitude of the southern part of Nigeria towards the insurgency in the north. I was shocked when I read the quote from augustin reply. Maybe it is a global phenomenon but they should not forget that the most constant thing in this life is change. We must start from somewhere. Like the saying in one of the proverb I stated in part 1 says: when you see a man's beard on fire, soak yours with water cause you never can tell when the fire will extend to your own beard.


When I was much younger,my dad used to say this " when you bent down and look at another man anus and laugh, don't forget that somebody behind you is also looking at your own"! My poor dad also went on to say that "when you see the beard of a man caught up with fire, fetch water and poor on your own beard"........... Now, when I look with pity the " I don't care" attitude of the South West, South South and South Eastern parts of Nigeria towards the terrorism in Northern Nigeria, my heart crept with utmost fear! Fear of what? You may ask me.

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