Which of these six?

For public elections, the vote needs to be simple. IRV can be overdone and underdone. The Australians require a full ranking of candidates. With four or more good candidates, it's a long hard count. Voters for the Mayor of London are limited to 2 picks. Very countable. But in their most recent election more than 10% of the voters didn't pick the top two. They didn't count.

Encounters with "No Politics! No Religion!"

A short while ago, I wrote a page in my book on "No Politics! No Religion!".

Today, while searching information on the music composer James Horner, ran into the following quote on James Horner's Plagiarism List:

As long as religion and politics stay out of the discussion and members are polite to each other, there's no problem.

People from Frome: share your experience

Hello citizens from Frome. We, members of this community, have learned about what you have accomplished in your town, replacing politics as usual with a party by the people for the people.

We look at you from afar, and we wonder how you have managed to do what you did, how decisions were made, how the campaign was organized on the ground, etc.
Please, share your experience in the comments below. Share with us any insights you may have that may help other communities, towns and cities in the UK and around the world, to accomplish the same.

Condorcet and equal approval

The Condorcet system I am familiar with allow for ties between choices of preference.

For example, three choices A, B and C.

a valid ballot can be cast for A = B, which puts both of them 1 vote ahead of C.

that's the opposite of a single preference showing a vote for C, which puts C 1 vote ahead of both A and B.

These are both valid opinions and both should be permitted.

Here's a very old web page that allows Condorcet voting using ties:

Thomas Paine - Agrarian Justice

I will be adding Thomas Paine's Agrarian Justice to my reading list since he also argued that humans collectively own the material world, declaring private property without consent from the majority is inhumane, and compensation for dispossession is necessary.

Everybody Be Crazy

1) The USSR was not communist, but inverse-communist.

2) Western states are not democratic because Western states are designed to suppress majority rule.

3) Dorian-types don't care about White supremacy. They care about Dorian-type supremacy.

4) The West is not civilized and never has been. Western nations and city-states like Sparta, Rome, Nazi Germany, and the US do not qualify as civilized. They are inverse-civilized.

5) The aggressor cannot claim self-defence.

Daddy's Propaganda Attempt Foiled!

This video is additionally nice because the children interrupt daddy's attempt at brainwashing the general public into thinking that Western and Westernized states like South Korea are actually democratic. Democracy means majority rule has highest say.

People like professor Kelly despise majority rule and true democracy, and, thus, need to brainwash people into thinking we already have majority rule which is a complete lie and he knows it.

Creating a new poll on election methods

I'm thinking about creating a new poll, reserved to members, on election methods. There are a few existing polls on the topic, but they are badly phrased or do not correspond to what I am after right now.

The main characteristic of the poll would be that it is comparative to the methods currently used. The question would be: how much better (or worse) would the given EM be compared to the existing method.

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