About @BringGirlsBack and the Forgotten Ones project

People who have been regularly following me since the beginning of the #BringBackOurGirls campaign last year, know who I am. I have often communicated (via twitter or otherwise) about the reasons of my involvement in the campaign. But I still get new followers who are wondering, so I wrote this blog entry to clarify a few points.

My name is augustin and I am managing the Twitter channel @BringGirlsBack. I am not Nigerian. I've never been there. I am a Frenchman who has been living in Asia for 17 years.

Meeting with the Nigerian ambassadors

I am currently aware of 2 individuals who are actively trying to have a face-to-face meeting with the Nigerian ambassadors in their respective countries, in order to discusse #BringBackOurGirls, the fight againgst BokoHaram and more generally the situation in NE Nigeria.

This blog entry is to document a little their action, the reaction (or lack thereof) of the Nigerian embassies, and to see how we can help them.


# BringBackOurGirls And Nigeria blog entries

See in the menu below some of the blog entries I wrote about #BringBackOurGirls and Nigeria.

No good News coming from NE Nigeria - their plight largely forgotten: we can still do something!

In reply to an email I received from a UK BringBackOurGirls supporter, I highlighted a few priority items I will be working on during the new few weeks/months:

> Has there been any
> progress with the effort to find the Chibok schoolgirls?
> And how are the families coping?

Fun tweets

I am starting a collection of fun tweets.


Dadaab Refugee Camps

Dear friends, life in Dadaab is becoming miserabe day after day and world is pouring billions of dollars in form of assistance but lttle reaches the beneficiaries. the rest goes to the wrong pockets of ngos that pose to be helpers.
Lets contribute our ideas and raise this issue so that available resources are utilised accordingly.

One-day soon the truth will prevail and the world will talk!
Keep the ball rolling...

lack of access to internet

the world is improving in terms of technology and every day communication companies are coming up with new software that is making life easier
and enjoyable. on the other hand, the world is getting digital and communication is becoming easier but here in Dadaab things are different,
although, Dadaab refugee complex is home to a refugee population that is slightly more than 400,000 individuals, for this people access to internet is a luxury and un affordable.


Kindly test your hungry IQ in the link above and share all your friends and family.

Dadaab funraising: how to help, what to do?

Please, before reading the rest of this short blog entry, make sure to read the following wiki article:

I assume that you have read the above page and will not repeat the information already listed there.
Actually, I have just updated the wiki to add a short TODO list, so you can check it again if you haven't recently.

You can use this blog entry as an open discussion thread to discuss the project, exchange ideas, volunteer for specific tasks, etc.

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