Definition and Properties of ICT

ICT is a rank method, a way to count rank ballots.

First I want to clarify that I don't propose rank methods for our official public elections. That's partly because of their tremendously computation-intensive count--high-computation counts provide great opportunity for count-fraud.

In fact, the high-computation counts of rank methods probably all require machine balloting and computerized counting, which hugely further increases count-fraud opportunity.

Approval: The obvious, natural, minimal, but powerful fix for our voting system

(Copied, with permission, from Democracy Chronicles)

by Michael Ossipoff

May 6, 2012
Our current voting system, of course, is the “vote-for-1” method. Also called “Plurality”, or the “single mark method”. In our Plurality elections, we often hear people saying that they’re going to vote for someone they don’t really like, because he/she is the “lesser-of-two-evils”. They are essentially voting for someone they don’t like, and not voting for the people they really do like, because the people they like are perceived as unwinnable.

Why Approval Soon Homes In On the Voter Median, And Then Stays There

(Copied, with permission, from Democracy Chronicles)

Why Approval Soon Homes In on the Voter Median Position, and Then Stays There

by Michael Ossipoff

August 18, 2012

I’d like to discus two related topics:

1. Why Approval Soon Homes In on the Voter Median, and Then Stays There
2. Voter-Median-Estimate Strategy

1. Why does Approval go to voter median?

2 round elections

I just received the following comment by email:

Question about Top Two:

I have not read all of your pages but I can't find any direct references to
any sort of "Top Two" form of elections where a primary is held that
includes ALL eligible candidates, regardless of party, and then the two
with the most votes move on to the final election. This is the form of
local/state election method in Washington and California.


First, it's true that the question is not covered yet in our Election method documentation. I've made a note to do it.

Can't there be a common ground on voter photo ID laws?

It is obvious to anyone who is honestly looking at what's going on that Republican-controlled state legislatures are using the (lame) excuse of voter fraud to push for voter photo ID laws. I agree with the Democrats who are crying foul and denounce this attempt at disenfranchising core Democrat demographics.

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Angelina Jolie, the kind of Actress I like! ;)

From: Angelina Jolie Visits Syria Refugees in Jordan:

The famous actress Angelina Jolie takes a role as the special envoy of the United Nations refugee agency. As the number of Syrians fleeing their country continues to increase, Jolie and High Commissioner Antonio Guterres visited a refugee camp in Jordan, wishing to bring them hope.

(I couldn't watch the video included in the article... ).

Mean vs Median

The "average" or "mean" is a measure of central tendency. It's one of 3 measures of central tendency, and is the most popular one.

The "average" of a number of quanties, such as incomes, is usually taken to refer to their sum, divided by the number of incomes that have been summed.

In other words, the average of 5 numbers, N1, N2, N3 and N4 + N5 is:

(N + N2 + N3 + N4 + N5)/5.

That average is also called the "mean" of those numbers.

Another popular measure of centreal tendency is the "median".

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