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Angelina Jolie, the kind of Actress I like! ;)

From: Angelina Jolie Visits Syria Refugees in Jordan:

The famous actress Angelina Jolie takes a role as the special envoy of the United Nations refugee agency. As the number of Syrians fleeing their country continues to increase, Jolie and High Commissioner Antonio Guterres visited a refugee camp in Jordan, wishing to bring them hope.

(I couldn't watch the video included in the article... ).

Mean vs Median

The "average" or "mean" is a measure of central tendency. It's one of 3 measures of central tendency, and is the most popular one.

The "average" of a number of quanties, such as incomes, is usually taken to refer to their sum, divided by the number of incomes that have been summed.

In other words, the average of 5 numbers, N1, N2, N3 and N4 + N5 is:

(N + N2 + N3 + N4 + N5)/5.

That average is also called the "mean" of those numbers.

Another popular measure of centreal tendency is the "median".

None of the listed tv networks are any good. What would "None Of The Above" consist of?:

What would "None Of The Above" consist of? Something better than the other alternatives. For good "None Of The Above", I'd recommend some of the better local community FM stations and print media. (But, specifically, I wouldn't recommend any radio station that carries NPR).

NPR and PBS are no different from or better than other mass media networks.

Explanation of added option

Including my ranking, in my added option, seemed the only way to express my ranking.

Since we don't have automated rank-balloting, then there should be an explicit instuction for voters to write their rankings in this comment-space.

If we're going to set up automated rank-balloting, with automated count, then I recommend that the rankings be counted by Symmetrical ICT. If there's disagreement about what the rank-count should be, then I recommend that there be discussion, in which the proponents of different rank-counts tell the advantages of their rank-count proposals.

First post

I wonder if anyone has an opinion on the website I have been building, Democracy Chronicles. I am hoping more election experts will contribute even at the basic level of giving some friendly criticism. Thanks!!

How Republicans Went Crazy, Democrats Became Useless and the Middle Class Got Shafted

Here is an excerpt:

Bill Moyers: The second subtitle, "The Party Is Over: Democrats Became Useless." How did Democrats become useless?

Mike Lofgren: I think they got complacent during the '60s, '70s, and '80s. And then finally after that period, they woke up, found they had lost three straight presidential elections. So they had to retool and make themselves more corporate friendly.

Bill Moyers: Corporate friendly?

MJ: Worse Chicken Dilemma than Approval or Score, elaborate bylaws, computation-intensive count

Not exactly a winning combination of properties.

The definition of Emocracy


You defined Emocracy as a 0~2 vote, with the added "I don't know" rating. This is not the definition that I personally use.

First of all, I do not want the implementation of emocracy in this site to drive the definition of Emocracy. I have already posted a blog entry about the design of the emocracy ballot. Although I like Emocracy a lot, I am far from satisfied with the way I myself implement it here. Read the linked blog entry for a discussion about the implementation.

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