Civilian casualties in drone attacks

Based on figures from a British legal lobbyng group called "Reprieve", roughly 1 in 4, or 1 in 5, person killed by the drone attacks is a noncombatant civilian.

Some in Afghanistan say that _most_ of the people killed by drone attacks are noncombatant civilians. The below-quoted magazine article (I'd name the magazine and the author if I remembered them) quotes an Afghan who said that the drones are routinely killing a _lot_ more noncombatant civilians than resistance-fighters.

What democratic state?

What democratic state? It isn't sovereign or independent, as evidenced by its inability to stop our drone attacks on civilians.

We frequently hear of its corruption, and we sometimes hear of its unpopularity among the population.

Review of Michael Ossipoff's articles

Michael Ossipoff wrote some articles on Election Methods here:

I'd like to review them, to help him express his opinion better.

Michael, I know you and what you believe in. Currently, your articles here do not reflect your actual position.

1) You recently reversed your position on symmetrical ICT, so your articles should be updated accordingly.

2) Like me you strongly believe that voting machines (computers) should not be used in elections. You have not yet written about that.

What do you think about the US involvement in Afghanistan?

So, what options can we add to the poll? What do people want (on the left and on the right)? What do we want?

Here is some background information–present)

In that last article, check the 2012 and 2013 plans for troops withdrawal. What more do we want?

Why I voted no on this answer

By approving the answers about requiring picture ID, but also providing it, and not disenfranchisng because of it, I affirmed the desirability of requiring picture ID--with safeguards to protect voting rights. Therefore it wasn't necessary to approve the answer that only said that picture ID should be required.

Most countries already use voter photo IDs

I know for a fact that in France, we must provide a photo ID before voting. Nobody is shocked by this requirement. In fact, when I lived in the UK and was allowed to vote in the UK for the European election, I was surprised that no ID was required from me.

Elections are sacred and it is normal to be able to provide a proof of being who we say we are. There is an important difference, though: ID cards are routinely provided, free of charge, to every French citizen. So the photo ID requirement is not a burden on the voter!

I'd like to vote in this poll. How do I reach the ballot?

When I go to the new members-only presidential poll, all I find is the results. How do I reach the ballot?

Another thing: I'd like to have a 0-10 Score members-only presidential poll too. I like the flexibility allowed by a 0-10 Score election.

As much as I prefer Approval's feasibility for public elections, I prefer Score's easy most flexible fractional ratings for polls.

Michael Ossipoff

Romney: Residual Impairments from Brain Injury in 1968?

DocChap, a Daily Kos member with a background in neuropsychology, posted some original research about Mitt Romney's possible residual impairments from a 1968 brain injury:

I wouldn't pay 1 cent to vote for a Democrat fact, I wouldn't vote for a Democrat even if it's free of charge.

Hence my 0 rating of that alternative.

Emocracy = Score >> Plurality

Emocracy is a Score version. A Score ballot would be worth much more than a Plurality ballot, an IRV ballot, or an unimproved Condorcet ballot.

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