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Ian Rankin talks to Anne Perry (Juliet Hulme): video + transcript

Below is a beautiful interview with very good answers by Anne Perry. While her crime was horrible, I can feel that she is now a good person, very spiritual, and, importantly, very incapable of committing the same crime ever again.

All criminals are diseased people. She is obviously cured. Curing criminals should be the purpose of the Justice system. In this case, it worked. God bless her.

Background information: (movie)

From Black Box Voting - NOW ONLINE - new TOOL KIT 2008

Permission to reprint, excerpt, and distribute granted. Complete, Concise Tool Kit booklet:

Top 5 things you can do

1. Get involved………pg 5-8
2. Hook up with experienced groups………pg 9
Freedom of Information Tips………pg 10-11
3. Protect & defend – deceptive practices………pg 12-24
4. Protect & defend – voter lists………pg 25-37
Protect & defend – vote counts………pg 38-71


David Snyder, a controversial victim

David Snyder, the poor beaten councilman, is obviously a key character in this ridiculous saga. It is obvious that the other two members of the council and the police forces have accumulated a fair amount of resentment against him. Just by looking at the video of the September incident, it is unclear what he might have done to upset others, but the recent incident is only the last one in a series.

links: other activist web sites and online resources

Other sources of information

WNDU has some more information. WNDU is the media claiming copyright over the video and is responsible for having it removed already several times from youtube.,_Indiana

Other websites participating in this cyber-protest for justice

I am happy to cooperate with any activist working for justice on this incident. (We would appreciate a link back to this page.)

Copyright battle with WNDU-TV

Several versions of the video have been posted at youtube. Each time, they have been brought down because "copyright infringements" claims made by WNDU-TV. Some estimate that several dozen videos had been removed from youtube (even though the same videos were still available at other video sharing sites).

But the law was on the side of the youtube activists, and thanks to one dedicated youtuber, one video has definitely been restated at youtube. Read on to see how...

Legal repercutions of the Tiller / Snyder scuffle at town meeting

After the September 14th arrest, David Snyder was due to appear in court on October 4th for two misdemeanor charges (resisting arrest and disorderly conduct) 1. Councilman Snyder wanted to plead non-guilty, but when he reported to the court he found out that no charges had actually been filed 2.

The video evidence

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