Daesh (ISIS) fighters from France, USA, Canada, etc.

It should be noted and remembered that many of the Daesh members who fought in Mosul were not Iraqi people but foreigners attracted by Daesh propaganda. Many came from western countries including France but also, maybe to a lesser extent (?), from the USA and Canada. The fact that such a murderous group as Daesh was able to recruit in our respective countries say a lot about our flaws in our culture that were exploited by the terrorist group.

Corpses of Foreign ISIS Extremists Pile up in Mosul:

Mosul endgame in images

A devastating series of photographs from the Old City of Mosul published by the Associated Press on Friday lays bare the full horror of the battle to defeat the Islamic State for the ordinary people caught in its path.

Taken by photographer Felipe Dana, the images offer an up-close glimpse of the apocalyptic suffering being inflicted in the name of the war against terrorism, as well as the vast extent of the destruction being wrought.

Full series of images:

World Chocolate Day

Today is World Chocolate Day.

Why Chocolate May Be Good for the Heart

I thought Chocolat (2000) was a cute film.

No One Would Buy My Photos, So Here They Are For Free: Mosul 2017

My name is Kainoa Little, and I am a Shoreline, Washington-based conflict photographer. I was in Mosul in April and May 2017, documenting Iraqi forces as they fought Islamic State militants to liberate the city.

I tried and failed to find newspapers and wire services who would purchase my photos. But the soldiers had fed me and given me a seat in their Humvees, and the refugees had tolerated my presence on some of the worst days of their lives. They very rightly expected that I would tell their story.

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Income and Nutrition

Studies have proven that low income increases one's risk for heart disease and other morbidities.1 Studies have also shown a link between low income and obesity. The explanation is simple. Healthy, nutritious food such as salad is expensive. High calorie, low nutrient food like McDonald's is cheap. People with higher income have less stress, more opportunities, and can purchase gym memberships and healthy foods.

  • 1. Lemstra, Mark, et al. "Income and heart disease: Neglected risk factor." Canadian Family Physician, Aug. 2015, 61(8):698-704.

‘Scarred and broken’: children escaping Isis in Mosul suffer waking nightmares

‘Scarred and broken’: children escaping Isis in Mosul suffer waking nightmares:

Experts report that the children are so affected by witnessing extreme violence that they have symptoms of “toxic stress” – a severe form of psychological trauma that can cause lifelong damage.

Delete Hate Speech or Pay Up, Germany Tells Social Media Companies

Delete Hate Speech or Pay Up, Germany Tells Social Media Companies:

BERLIN — Social media companies operating in Germany face fines of as much as $57 million if they do not delete illegal, racist or slanderous comments and posts within 24 hours under a law passed on Friday.

The Self-Dissolving Principle Vs. Sortition

The Self-Dissolving Principle

Firefighters should do everything in their power to uphold fire prevention measures even at the expense of their own careers. If a governmental body or institution no longer serves any purpose, it should be abolished. Both statements sound completely reasonable and completely necessary.

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