Thomas Paine - Agrarian Justice

I will be adding Thomas Paine's Agrarian Justice to my reading list since he also argued that humans collectively own the material world, declaring private property without consent from the majority is inhumane, and compensation for dispossession is necessary.

Everybody Be Crazy

1) The USSR was not communist, but inverse-communist.

2) Western states are not democratic because Western states are designed to suppress majority rule.

3) Dorian-types don't care about White supremacy. They care about Dorian-type supremacy.

4) The West is not civilized and never has been. Western nations and city-states like Sparta, Rome, Nazi Germany, and the US do not qualify as civilized. They are inverse-civilized.

5) The aggressor cannot claim self-defence.

Daddy's Propaganda Attempt Foiled!

This video is additionally nice because the children interrupt daddy's attempt at brainwashing the general public into thinking that Western and Westernized states like South Korea are actually democratic. Democracy means majority rule has highest say.

People like professor Kelly despise majority rule and true democracy, and, thus, need to brainwash people into thinking we already have majority rule which is a complete lie and he knows it.

Creating a new poll on election methods

I'm thinking about creating a new poll, reserved to members, on election methods. There are a few existing polls on the topic, but they are badly phrased or do not correspond to what I am after right now.

The main characteristic of the poll would be that it is comparative to the methods currently used. The question would be: how much better (or worse) would the given EM be compared to the existing method.

Thomas Piketty Tells Outrageous Lies in Capital in the Twenty-First Century.

In Capital in the Twenty-First Century, Piketty implies the USSR was communist:

The bipolar confrontations of the period 1917—1989 are now clearly behind us. The clash of communism and capitalism sterilized rather than stimulated research on capital and inequality by historians, economists, and even philosophers.1

He also implies that the USSR was egalitarian:

  • 1. Piketty, Thomas. Capital in the Twenty-First Century. The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press. 2014

Politics, Policy & Political discourse projects

As part of our re-design effort:
I am now working on improving the list of projects hosted at this site:

There are four core, inter-related projects that I would like to discuss now.
I need your feedback to help name the project, and define their respective scopes.

Election Methods project

The Election Methods project is the core project at minguo.
We just finished re-designing its home page:
I am very pleased with what Fred and myself have accomplished. It all started with a remark from Fred, and some of his suggestions. I followed his train of thoughts and there is the result.

The Election Methods project is however only one of four projects that are closely related to politics.

Get Out Of The Materialism Trap NOW

Awesome video that should be compulsory viewing for us, who blissfully ignore the plight of the 90% of the world's population:

The reason why I post this in the Forgotten Ones project should be obvious after viewing the video.

Give me direct democracy or give me window-dressing

The NL Open Government Initiative does not mean what it says.

By: Jon Parsons

Reading the press release accompanying the recent announcement of the NL Provincial Government’s “Open Government Initiative,” one tends to get the impression that this is a radical shift in policy toward direct decision-making by the people.

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