Trudeau Uses Sophism to Destroy the Environment

Environmentalist David Suzuki called Trudeau a twerp for supporting projects that damage the environment, then having the audacity to ask him [Suzuki] for a political endorsement.

“I said, ‘Justin, stop it, you’re just being political, you just want to make headway in Alberta,’” Suzuki says he told Trudeau. “You’re for the development of the tar sands, you’re for the Keystone pipeline, but you’re against the Northern Gateway, you’re all over the damn map!”

Psychological Races

Athenian-style slave-makers rely so heavily on Dorian-types that I put them in the same category: Hellenic-style slave-makers. They are considered a separate psychological race by the bulk of humanity—a slave-maker race.


Athenian-style slave-makers:

Practical decomracy for candidate selection (a universal primary?)

Practical democracy is a reasonable way to find candidates. Involving everyone at the first level is good. Keep the family rule and the five meeting rule, for all the right reasons. Then make triads totally random within a cost effective geographic area. Small enough, not too big. Forget about joining factions, because we are all in this together. If there will be only one eventual winner, each triad IS inclined to put forward their most qualified alternative. I would like to see the levels end at a point like in the example of 25000.

Distinction Between Personal Spaces and Commons

I think a distinction needs to be drawn on this site between personal spaces and common spaces.

So, for example, on a common wiki page, people should stick to presenting the facts alone. Let's say there is a wiki page about the 2014 Israeli assault on Gaza. That page should include just the facts.

Fact: Israelis expressed jubilation as they witnessed bombs falling over Gaza.


Fallacies in the discourse and psychological issues as obstacles to teamwork and change

While people like Bryce do an amazing job, trying to get people from opposite sides of the political divide1 to talk to each other and listen to each other, I am personally dumbfounded and deeply saddened by the fact that people who share the same values appear to be unable to join forces and work together in pursuit of their common objectives. Instead, difficulties in communication, fallacies and faulty logic, strong egos, etc.

  • 1. The "political divide" is an artificial division created by the use of Plurality Voting.


Do you like cheese?
What is your favourite type of cheese?
How do you like to eat cheese (e.g. on pizza, by itself, etc.)

I love cheese. Lately, I really like brie. I eat it with prosciutto, rolls, and olives.

How Flowers Conquered the World

Darwin referred to the (seemingly) sudden rise and dominance of the angiosperm as an "abominable mystery."1

Earth Day Twitter

Yesterday was Earth Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness for environmental issues. Here are some notable Earth Day tweets and related media:




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